Kettlebells are good for Strength building

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A rounded weight with a flat bottom and thick handle on top that is used for exercise and weight training. Kettlebells are the perfect form of exercise equipment for home and take up little space. Kettlebells are good for strength and muscle building. There are a large number of workouts available. A 10 minute workout each day is enough to start improving your overall strength and burn off heaps of calories.

The perfect starting weight for adult men is said to be 16kg or 33lbs.

The perfect starting weight for adult women is said to be 8kg or 18lbs.

Kettlebells are awesome strengthening tools and daily workouts can activate every muscle in your body

Consult your physician or trainer before starting any weight program.

kettlebell swings are much better than back squats for training power production. Kettlebell swings also stress the spine in the opposite direction of back squats, making them an excellent companion to back squats for spine health.